Press Release - Two Weeks In Hell

TWO WEEKS IN HELL is an inside view on how one of Kenya’s leading academics undergoes arrest and systematic torture in the hands of the notorious Special Branch Police at the genesis of the struggle for multi-party democracy in Kenya. At the time, mid-1980s, The Republic of Kenya had deteriorated to a draconian dictatorship where the rule of law and human rights had almost vanished from government, loosely referred to as the #Darkdays. Prof. Ngotho wa Kairuki, a tax expert was subsequently arrested and this is his account.

The book is a painful read yet an inspiring narrative; it speaks unapologetically describing in detail, hour by hour, day by day what he went through in the hands of his adversaries.

Prof. Ngotho went on to be detained for a number of years, maliciously tried and sentenced for a total of 9 years. This is his first installment in a trilogy of books written under that period, he was later released in 1992 when the then Moi government succumbed to local and international pressure.

Prof. Ngotho Kariuki is a tax expert. Throughout out his career he has taught, lectured and headed departments in accounting, finance and tax across Africa. He was a Dean and Head of Department of Accounting at the University of Nairobi in the 80s. He has taught in Zimbabwe (at Africa University, Mutare and National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo), University of Namibia, University of Venda (South Africa).His last assignment was in Beau, Cameroon where he was assigned by the Commonwealth Secretariat as an expert to develop post graduate programmes (MSC and PHD) for the University of Beau (the only English speaking university among seven in Cameroon).

He is a Political and Human Rights activist and has been involved countless times in the Kenyan political arena and was one of the key political figures in the campaign to make Kenya a multi-party democracy.

In a twist of fate, in 2011, under the new dispensation he became a member of the Judges and Magistrate Vetting Board in Kenya which is mandated to restore confidence in the Kenyan Judiciary by vetting out corrupt and incompetent judges. Where one would say the hunted becomes the hunter, he finds himself on a second struggle of empathizing the importance of these values.

This book was written during the detention years but was taken away as he was released, He wrote it again during his second imprisonment 1990 and had it smuggled out, it has since remained a manuscript.

The book illustrates what happens when fundamental liberties are taken away, at a time when globally the War on Terror presses on, the importance of freedom and liberty in a multi-cultural society, by significantly portraying what a government can become when its constitution is not upheld and obeyed by the varies keepers of it.

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